How to Choose a Hand Soap Dispenser for Your Business

How to Choose a Hand Soap Dispenser for Your Business

Are you considering to buy a soap dispenser but you don't know what factor to consider? It's good to conduct enough research before you opt to buy a soap dispenser. Different soap dispensers are meant for different purposes.

A hand soap dispenser you use in your home might not be that effective when you use it in a business setting.

Clean customers are happy customers - read up on what to look for when shopping for a hand soap dispenser for your business.


How many employees do you have? Rather how many people will the soap dispenser serve?

You cannot have the same size soap dispenser as a business with an average of 100 customer inflow, while your business receives a thousand clients in a day. Get a soap dispenser that can hold enough soap to serve the whole day. Depending on your number of clients, get either a small dispenser with a capacity of 800 ml or a big dispenser with 1250 ml

You would not want to refill your soap dispenser every twenty minutes.

2. Weigh Between The Automatic And Manual Dispenser

Automatic and manual dispensers comprise the two main categories of soap dispensers. The third type of soap dispenser is the pump dispenser.

For manual dispensers, you can choose to have either the push button or the pedal one.

As the name suggests, automatic dispenser does not need manual effort to trigger the release of the liquid soap. It is rather fixed with sensors that recognize certain motions and automatically dispense the liquid soap.

Pump dispensers are the most commonly used. They apply classic pump technology. Consider the nature of your business environment and choose from the three options.

3. The Material Making The Dispenser

The material making your dispenser will determine the durability of the equipment.

Apart from the commonly used plastic soap dispensers, there are quite many varieties you can choose from. They include steel, ceramic, and glass materials.

Before you choose a soap dispenser, evaluate the risks involved in your business. For example, if you are to locate the dispenser near the kitchen, then you would consider using ceramic and steel soap dispenser.

This is to avoid constant contraction and expansion of the plastic. This will ultimately lead to the development of cracks in the dispenser which might need you to replace the dispensers regularly.

Another factor to consider in choosing the material of the dispenser is the décor of the room it is located. If you are operating a restaurant business, for perfection, make sure the soap dispenser matches with the rest of the restroom supplies.

4. Liquid vs. Foam Soap Dispensers

A dispenser can be meant either for dispensation of liquid or foam soap. On a close evaluation of your business, which one would work best? There is actually no significant difference in the results.

The difference between liquid soap dispensers and foam soap dispensers is that foam dispensers are fitted with two pumps that release air and liquid simultaneously, hence dispensing foam. Since foam dispensers release pre-lathered soap, your customers and employees should need less water when rinsing.

Additionally, you will make fewer refills with the foam compared to the liquid soap dispensers.

5. Style

Where do you want to place the dispenser? There are two possible places you can locate your dispenser. You can either mount them on the walls or the wall shelves.

You can decide to free your counter space for storage of other items. Or, you can opt for the manually operated soap dispenser which is usually manual. Though, this does not mean that if you have a manual dispenser, you will only be limited to placing it on the counter.

You can fix it on the wall using rings or brackets or even nail them. Before you decide on which one to get for your business, consider if you don't mind having drills on your wall.

Having the wall-mounted dispensers will mean drills on your walls.

6. Price, Location, and Impression.

If you are concerned with the image of your business, then I will advise you to go for sophisticated automatic soap dispensers. Technology has been stepped up the automatic soap dispensers in 2019. This means that you will have to dig dipper into your pockets to acquire them.

If you are after creating a good impression for your customers, locate the expensive soap dispenser in the distinguished visitor’s washroom, and locate budget soap dispensers in the junior employee’s washrooms.

Regardless of your impression concerns, you will have to spend more if your business attracts a high inflow of customers/clients for the automatic dispensers.

Quality is important. If you are after quality, then you will have to spend more. If quality is none of your concern, then you can opt for an economical dispenser. Even with a simple hand soap dispenser, you will be good to go.

Another factor that influences the price is the brand. You will have to spend more to have a soap dispenser from an established brand compared to an upcoming.

7. Compare And Weigh Your Options.

Now that you know the factors to consider when buying a soap dispenser for your business, sit down, and check what is important and what is not.

Which among the shortlisted soap dispensers will be eco-friendly. If your business is in an area with a scarcity of water, then go for a dispenser that uses less water.

Also, if you would like to save on electricity costs, go for manual dispensers. This is because automatic soap dispenser relies on electric power for it to release the liquid soap.

Choose a dispenser that will make sure maximum hygiene. After all, is hygiene not the main objective?

Wrapping Up…

I hope you are now knowledgeable enough and ready to get your business that perfect soap dispenser. We have so far cited seven factors to consider before you make your order. As a recap of the discussion, before buying a soap dispenser consider:

  1. The capacity
  2. Weigh between the automatic and manual dispenser
  3. The material making the dispenser
  4. Liquid vs. form soap dispensers
  5. Desired style
  6. Price, location, and impression.

If you follow this guideline, you are likely to get the perfect soap dispenser that fits your type of business.


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