Helping Restaurant Workers Survive Layoffs & Furloughs

Helping Restaurant Workers Survive Layoffs & Furloughs

Times are tough in the restaurant industry right now, tougher than they have been in any of our lives so far. In most places, restaurants are closed to in-person dining, and those restaurants that have chosen to remain open have to do so for carryout only. This stresses the whole system as restaurants aren’t necessarily set up for an all carryout business model. On top of that, restaurants are having to figure out whether to lay off most of the staff or cut everyone back on hours, which has been a major shock to the system. Layoffs and furloughs are part of the normal restaurant landscape these days, but helping employees through trying times will ensure there’s a business to bring back at the end of the pandemic.

When laying off or furloughing employees, helping point them in the right direction for unemployment benefits will help keep them from falling through the cracks. Because of the pandemic and the need for social distancing, those who ordinarily would not qualify for unemployment benefits now do qualify, including those who have multiple jobs, those who have had hours cut, and those who are not full-time employees. In addition to the 50% on average unemployed workers will receive during their layoff or furlough, they can also expect an additional $600 a month from the Federal Government.

Many people have also qualified for economic stimulus payments, which can keep them going a little further than unemployment alone. Encourage employees to retool their budgets, cut out any unnecessary spending, and to put as much as possible into savings for dire emergencies rather than spending it on something that would be nice to have to pass the time.

No one knows quite when, but eventually, restaurants will be back in the full swing of things. Until then, help employees survive their layoffs and furloughs. Learn more about surviving a layoff from the infographic below.

Helping Restaurant Workers Survive Layoffs & Furloughs Infographic

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