Gas Fryers vs Electric Fryers - Which Is Right For Your Business?

Gas Fryers vs Electric Fryers - Which Is Right For Your Business?

Frying is one of the most popular cooking techniques used in commercial restaurants and kitchens, because who can resist the crunch of a juicy fried chicken leg or even the taste of a deep-fried Twinkie? To get these delicious treats, you need to have quality commercial fryers for your restaurant, or if you're an adventurous cook, your home kitchen.

However, there are two varieties of fryers on the market, the commercial gas deep fryer, and the commercial electric fryer. Both kitchen appliances can handle the task of daily frying, but they'll differ with features and processes. Let's examine what sets them apart, and how you can determine which type you should purchase.

Modern gas or electric fryers feature a basket to raise food clear of the oil when cooking is finished. Also, fryers often come with features such as timers with an audible alarm...

Gas Fryers Versus Electric Fryers

Gas fryers operate off a building's gas line, using gas to heat the fryer, and the contained food, while an electric fryer runs off electricity. A gas deep fryer will heat up faster than its electronic counterpart, and can often are available in three styles: tube, open pot, and flat bottom. Each of these styles has its benefits and drawbacks.

Different Fryer Styles

Tube Style Fryers

The tube style fryer is suitable for frying food such as onions, chicken, fish, and anything that may be in a frying basket, such as french fries or cheese sticks. Their design means the tubes that contain the elements to heat the gas are affixed in the fry pot, and the fryers also feature a “sediment zone” where particles from the food you fry can settle to be removed at a later time. This design can make them also harder to clean compared to open pot fryers.

Open Pot Fryers

An open pot fryer can be purchased in either an electric or gas model. The design of these fryers makes them easy to clean and applicable for the frying of most food. However, if you fry food with a lot of sediment, the open pot fryer's shallow sediment zone may get easily clogged.

Flat Bottom Fryers

A flat bottom fryer design uses gas, and it's heated from below. These fryer types are best for items that will float in oil near the top of the appliance. You can use it well for food such as doughnuts, funnel cakes, and anything battered, much like the food you may see at a county fair. Unlike the other fryer types, a flat bottom fryer doesn't feature a sediment zone, which means the sediment can get collected in the bottom of the fryer. These fryers require regular cleaning or the buildup can ruin the taste of your fried food.

Which is Better?

To determine which fryer is best for you, you should look at the following elements that will probably be a factor in your day-to-day operations.

Food Types

What types of food will you be frying? Will it be donuts or chicken? Do you require a sediment tray? Look at the types of food that will be in your fryer so you can decide if you need a sediment tray, and if so, how big it should be.

Operating Cost

How much does natural gas cost in your area? In some parts of the country, gas may be more expensive than in other areas. Gas fryers overall are cheaper to operate, provided the gas isn't a high price in your city.

Heating Speed and Temperature

Are you anticipating frying high batches of food? You may need a fryer that gets to the right temperature faster. A gas fryer will reach a temperature faster than an electric fryer, and electric fryers can also fall behind in maximum temperature ability.


Some fryer models are harder to clean than others. Should you be operating your fryer consistently throughout the week, you may opt for an easier-to-clean model. Choosing stainless steel is generally a good option as it holds up very well in the kitchen.


No fryer size is alike and the sizes of the appliances can determine your purchase. You'll need to get something that fits well in your kitchen, so you can use it efficiently.


How much food do you need to fry? Your chosen fryer may have a capacity that meets your needs, or you may need to look into getting something that is a bit deeper or wider. Ensure you get the correct model to hold the right lbs of food in your fryer.

In Summary

A deep fryer will add crunch and bite, plus a burst of flavor to all of the food you cook. These equipment appliances have a fond place in Americana, but your fryer equipment needs to work for you, so if you don't make the right choice of gas fryers versus electric, it may cost you time, money, and even valuable food. Look carefully when shopping so you can truly be the fry master - your customers will thank you!


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