6 Ways to Make Patio Seating More Attractive for Customers

6 Ways to Make Patio Seating More Attractive for Customers

As we leave March behind, many areas will be experiencing warm and sunny weather. The cool breezes of the spring often entice people to sit outside, and it's up to you to make a good spot for them to enjoy their meal outdoors. If your outdoor seating is lackluster, your customers won't even give it a second thought, and might even skip your restaurant altogether. You can make easy but big changes to make your patio seating more attractive for customers with these simple tips!

1. Give Them Shade

If the sun is bearing down on your customers, they're likely to avoid sitting outside and may skip your restaurant altogether. Using an umbrella at your tables will keep them cool and happy, plus it adds some color to your exterior, which means new customers will see you from farther away.

2. Think Florals

Flowers are an effective and inexpensive way to get your patio area noticed and add beauty to the space. Plant flowers in a pot or flower box to add some visual interest elements, and make the space more attractive to the customers' eye. They'll want to sit outside and enjoy the beauty around them.

3. Remember Furry Friends

When the weather is nice, many people may be out enjoying the day with their beloved dogs. If your restaurant offers outdoor seating, why not show that you're dog-friendly, by placing a water bowl outside so the animals stay refreshed? Your customer knows they won't have to worry about their dog, and they'll be more likely to sit and have a meal at your place. One bonus is you may get listed in an online article about “dog-friendly restaurants,” and get more exposure than you thought!

4. Add Some Color and Restore

Take a look at your existing outdoor tables and chairs. Are they dingy? Do they make you want to sit down and eat? You may want to give them a fresh coat of paint so they look brand new. Do they have cushions? If they don't, consider investing in some durable outdoor cushions so your customers can't resist relaxing outside for a bite to eat.

5. Double Your Seating

Do you have only a few places to sit outside? If your space can accommodate more, you might want to add a table or two. Just make sure your staff can handle the extra seating and let them know of your plans before adding a table. By adding just one more table, you're increasing the chance a customer will want to sit outside versus going indoors or passing your restaurant completely.

6. Create an Oasis

Is your seating on your back patio? Why not create an oasis where your customers can feel that they find a short escape from the real world? You might try placing some flowers back there or erecting a colorful fence to keep out the noise and sights of other businesses. Erecting a low fence around the seating in the front of your restaurant is an option as well.

Patio seating is one of the elements that can help you increase your business, especially if the weather is nice. You should focus on making it comfortable and welcoming, to the point where they can't resist stopping in for a short meal.


  1. comment authorTammie Houston Aug 29, 2019

    It seems that my mom's mini cafe shop is too boring. The flooring and patio need some remodeling. I'm planning to remodel it by myself while I'm currently out from work. I like your idea of changing the color of the paint since it's already faded. I'm also thinking of adding some extra tables and chairs since there is still available place.

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