5 Things To Discuss Before Choosing The Right Commercial Blender

5 Things To Discuss Before Choosing The Right Commercial Blender

Rather your food establishment makes its living by making frozen treats, or killer cocktails you’ll need a good commercial blender to do it. While you may think it’s a simple decision, once you see all the choices you have, you’ll change your tune.

The type you get rests heavily on what sort of establishment you have, and what features you need. For example, if you’re running a bar, you probably want your blender to make as little noise as possible.

To help you narrow the field a little bit, here are a few things that you need to discuss with your business partner before ordering a commercial blender for your business.

1. What Are You Using it For?

The type of blender you buy is almost completely dependent on what type of business you run. A blender that's going to be making milkshakes all day is going to have a completely different design than a blender that's used to make mixed drinks all night.

If you're a tiny cafe that sells sandwiches and hot soups, you'll need a blender that can puree. Some blenders are made to take lighter punishment than others so if you know you'll be using yours off and on all day you'll need something more heavy-duty.

On top of getting a blender that can take heavy amounts of punishment, some have features that allow you to pump out drinks and dishes at a lot faster pace. If you have a high-volume establishment you'll want to keep this in mind. As you can see, all blenders are clearly not made the same.

2. Jars

One of the most important aspects of the blender is the jar. Depending on the type of restaurant you have, you'll need to think of the size you'll need. You may not even need a jar at all.


Before picking a material you need to decide how durable you need the blender to be and the temperature of the foods you plan on putting in it. Many restaurant owners go with stainless steel because it doesn't break easily and it can handle foods of all temperature types. The only problem is that it isn't transparent.

If transparency matters to you then you'll want to choose polycarbonate because it has all the features of stainless steel with the added bonus of being clear.


How much food do you need to make at a time? You don't want to shell out tons of money on a 120 oz jar when you can get by with a 30oz model. So if you don't have many blended foods on your menu, you can probably get by with a smaller jar.


There are many pros and cons that come from using a handle. If you want a jar that's stackable, easy to store, and simple to wash then handleless is the way to go.

If you're aware that you're clumsy and are afraid of dropping the blender and making a huge mess, a handle creates a nice safety blanket.

Marked Measurements

Jars that have marked measurements are handy because you don't have to waste any extra time getting out a cup to measure the ingredients or take time to wash extra dishes. It will be the only measuring device you'll ever need.

No Jar

It's hard to believe but some restaurants have to make so much food that even the largest jar can't handle it. If this sounds like your establishment you'll need to ditch the jar.

Having no jar means you'll have no capacity restrictions to drag down your productivity.

3. How Much Power Do You Need?

It's very tempting to go with a model that can put out the most power but sometimes you don't need that much. If you're going to be making frozen dairy treats all day that's one thing. You'll need a large commercial blender with a ton of power.

On the flip side of this, if you're just planning to make a few mixed drinks at night, you can get a small model that has way less power. You never want to waste money by buying more than you actually need.

4. Is Noise a Big Deal?

Nothing takes someone out of a conversation like a sudden loud, jarring noise. If you're running a restaurant or bar where a lot of conversation goes on, you'll want to go with a quieter blender.

This will make people more likely to stay, socialize for a little while, and buy more drinks. The same goes for establishments that have a boom box where people pay money to choose songs that play in the restaurant. A customer may become a little upset if they can't hear the song they paid to hear.

5. Is it Easy to Clean?

The longer an employee is on payroll the more you have to pay them. Having a blender that is easy to clean will make the end-of-the-night cleaning duties go a lot faster.

Also, unless you have multiple blenders and blender jars, having a blender that is easy to clean will allow you to pump out more orders because you don't have to spend as much time between orders cleaning.

Choose the Right Commercial Blender for Your Kitchen

A lot more goes into choosing a good commercial blender for your restaurant than you may think. You have to consider how much food you need to make, how fast you need to make it, and is more power really better? Use this guide to get blending in your kitchen.

Blenders aren't the only pieces of equipment that your commercial kitchen will need. Let us supply your kitchen! Browse through many of our kitchen appliances to see if we have what you're looking for.

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