RF Hunter FP22C
RF Hunter FP22C

RF Hunter FP22C, Fryer Filter Powder (110/case)

$138.99 /ea

RF Hunter FP22C Overview

Fryer Oil Filter Powder Details:

To keep you in stock of powder, you need to take a look at the big bulk packages that will take the worry off of your mind in terms of remembering to hold it all together. Here to show you that all you need to do is trust your source, this RF Hunter FP22C pack of filter powders will give you 3.2 oz packs in the stunning box size containing 110 individual packages. You know that you're going to be going through a lot of this powder, so bite the bullet and trust this big size box to make sure that you are never going to run out.


  • x110 Individual 3.2 oz Packs of Filter Powder

RF Hunter FP22C Specifications


Fryer Oil Filter Powder & Pucks
Chemical Form
3.2 oz
25 Pounds
Product Condition

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