BioZone AC-30

BioZone AC-30

UV Air & Room Sanitization Odor Control System, Large Sized Rooms

$484.80 /ea

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Product Overview

Model Specifics: large, ≤6 odor sources (specified by volume or odor sources, high traffic areas may require a larger model, large areas may require multiple units)

UV Air Sanitation Odor Control System Details:

When you're in a kitchen environment and trying to satisfy customers out front, there's nothing like a bad food smell to force people away and toward you competition. So, make sure that you are doing all your own part in helping out by putting this sanitation machine in place for your commercial location. This is going to make the air quality better overall and will offer benefits to you, your customers and your employees.

This BioZone AC-30 UV air sanitation system has a small footprint and is going to be a portable design or a fixed one depending on your choice and preference for comfort. This unit is going to be an effective investment with a lot of research behind it to defend its usefulness in all sorts of locations. Understanding that your time is valuable, this is a totally automated machine that is going to be hassle and maintenance free so that you can enjoy it and not have to give it a second though.

In terms of working benefits, this is going to trap bad smells for odors, smoke and chemicals that are common in a kitchen, but it's also going to go a step further and protect against bacteria and mold among other contaminants that can promote sickness.


  • Eliminate odors, smoke, and chemicals
  • Reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, and other micro-contaminants
  • Improve the hygiene in the air and on surfaces
  • Certified to be safe, proven to be effective
  • Designed specifically for Restrooms/Washrooms – and more
  • Portable or fixed installations
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Maintenance free – requires simple annual UV lamp replacement(s)
  • Wall Plug or Mains Installation
  • 13 foot Power Cord (4 meters)
  • Ceiling or Wall Mount Kit
  • Space Saving Design


  • Animal Odor Removal
  • Care Homes/Nursing Homes
  • Food Storage
  • Garbage/Rubbish Collection
  • Gymnasiums
  • Odor Abatement
  • Restrooms/Washrooms
  • Smoke Removal


  • BioZone Unit
  • UV Lamp (pre-installed)
  • Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide
  • Lock Key
  • Wall Anchor (optional)
  • Mounting Screws (optional)

Note: Does not meet California requirements.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width (Inches - Front to Back): 5.2 Inches
  • Length (Inches - Left to Right): 16.2 Inches
  • Height: 3.65 Inches

BioZone Warranty:

1 year parts & labor



OEM Numbers
AC-30, AC30


3.65 Inches
Length (Inches - Left to Right)
16.2 Inches
Width (Inches - Front to Back)
5.2 Inches


100-240 Volts
2.5 Pounds
Product Condition


Manufacturer Warranty
1 year parts & labor

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