BioZone 10-08100
BioZone 10-08100

BioZone 10-08100, Replacement UV Bulb for BioZone AC-30

$82.08 /ea

BioZone 10-08100 Overview

Replacement UV Bulb for BioZone AC-30 & BioZone IZ-X-30

Ice Sanitation Replacement UV Bulb Details:

Trust only the best to help you move towards a future that is going to show you the best things for your commercial kitchen. When it comes to the replacement bulb for your BioZone AC-30 & BioZone IZ-X-30 systems, this BioZone 10-08100 replacement UV Bulb is what you need. Trust only the right brand and fit for your appliance because you know that going inferior is only going to give you frustration and a waste of money, not to mention problems with legalities in terms of your warranty. Give yourself quality from the bottom, up and you'll be able to trust it to keep you doing all that you need to do.


BioZone Scientific's proprietary UV lamps are made to our exacting specifications in the USA. Replacement lamps are identical to the UV lamps that are paired with original BioZone Scientific equipment. The use of non-BioZone Scientific UV lamps could greatly hinder device performance and will void the device warranty. BioZone Scientific engineers specify the quartz, filament, coating, and electronic driver needed to optimize device performance for each application

Note: Lamp Disposal Instructions - Similar to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), and other energy-efficient lighting, UV lamps contain a very small amount of mercury, an element essential to achieving energy savings. Dispose of used UV lamps in accordance with local environmental regulations.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width (Inches - Front to Back): 0.73 Inches
  • Length (Inches - Left to Right): 8.1 Inches
  • Height: 0.73 Inches

Product Brand

10-08100 Resources

BioZone 10-08100 Specifications


Width (Inches - Front to Back)
0.73 Inches
Length (Inches - Left to Right)
8.1 Inches
0.73 Inches


0.1 Pounds
Product Condition

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