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Waring WEK200
Waring WEK200

20" Cordless Electric Knife w/ Adjustable Slicing Guide

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Work smarter not harder.” This idea promotes using the tools available to make your job easier, and what better way to do that in a commercial kitchen than by bringing in kitchen electric knives? Brands you already know and love, like Waring, have designed kitchen electric knives that spare aching hands and arms, reduce user fatigue, and lessen the likelihood of workplace injuries. Worried about another power cord getting in the way? Don’t get tripped up by that idea! We carry cordless electric knives so that users can move freely. Not only that, but cordless electric knives also lessen the chance of trips and falls since there won’t be any cord in the way. Kitchens are busy, and these cordless electric knives help things run as smoothly as possible. Plus, with features like adjustable slicing guides, integrated LED lights, detachable and interchangeable blades, and a lithium-ion battery for quick charging, our collection of kitchen electric knives are a must-have! Check out our electric knives today!